2013 Prize Announcements

Vital Literary Prize, 2013, History has been awarded to Eugene Goss for The Wanderer: Daniel Boone's Kentucke.
Vital Literary Prize, 2013, History has been awarded to Eugene Goss for The Wanderer: Daniel Boone’s Kentucke.

The Wanderer: Daniel Boone’s Kentucke (Hardback) by Eugene Goss:

Click here for the lyrics to The Kentucky Anthem performance accompanying the presentation.

The Vital Literary Prize citation for Goss’ book states the following:

“Eugene Goss’s book, The Wanderer: Daniel Boone’s Kentucke, is exemplary in providing a readable treatise about Boone’s struggle to build a meaningful life in a hostile wilderness. The Wanderer captures the vicissitudes of his hardships as he helped open Kentucky to pioneer settlements. As Boone passed through the Cumberland Gap, making his way to the Bluegrass region, he thought of Kentucky as the Promised Land. The Wanderer can help secure the legacy of Kentucky’s founding. This book could be translated into Spanish for use in state patriation classes for the beneficiaries of the Commonwealth. Boone was the type of rugged and clever character that new immigrants may readily identify with; thus, endearing them to the legendary figure. Schools and colleges should use The Wanderer to teach Kentucky history, for it is the historical pioneer experience that built the USA.”

Eugene Goss is the third Kentuckian to win the coveted Vital Literary Prize since 2008.

John Fritz, Editorial Consultant, Skybridge Press Corp., performed “The Kentucky Anthem” after the presentation of the prize to Mr. Goss because it seems to illustrate Daniel Boone’s description of the Commonwealth as The Promised Land.

Gayle E. Slaughter, President, Skybridge Press Corp., also sang “The Kentucky Anthem” and “Greater Love” (considered to be a modern Battle Hymn) using a studio musical arrangement recorded by the Jemimah Music label.

Fritz and Slaughter are the other Kentucky laureates of the Vital Literary Prize, 2008 – 2012.

Four More Prizes to be Announced Soon:

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